Sunday, 19 June 2011

Newby Hall

Newby Hall, designed by Sir Christopher Wren

A Bevy of Deer by Emma Stothard

Collavoce, Musical Director Catherine Field- Leather
We wandered over to Newby Hall for lunch, yesterday, and found ourselves in the middle of a 'Fun and Frivolity' Day, courtesy of the Musesum of British Folklore. Callavoce were singing madrigals and other summer songs and a wonderful group (whose name I didn't get) were giving displays of folk dancing which were great to watch because the dancers were so obviously thoroughly enjoying dancing! How very lucky we are to have Newby Hall nearby - barely a week passes without some interesting event or exhibition of local skills and crafts. The Compton family whose home the Hall is, have a special interest in art and sculpture. At the moment, you can see Emma Stothard's wonderful willow sculptures with evocative titles like Parliament of Hares and Quadrille of Lobsters.
 Soon to open will be a 'hands on' exhibition by Zimbabwean sculptors like Dudzai Mushawepwere and Matthew Nakawhale mounted by the Matombo company from York. The sculptors work in Sona Stone and the sculptor lives with the stone for a period before beginning work as the stone will 'tell' the sculptor what it is that it can become. Visitors can try their hand at sculpting, too.
There is also a woodland walk with other open air sculptures which the visitor can enjoy after taking in the beautiful gardens - and that's before you get to the house with its Robert Adam interiors! Delicious food is by The Yorkshire Party Company (details on the Newby Hall website.)

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