Thursday, 23 June 2011

Museum of British Folk Lore

The Museum of British Folklore (caravan-based exhibition pictured above) is looking for a new home. The team who manage the museum are looking for a new site about 7,000sq. ft in size. (This is pretty large - about half the size of Ripon cathedral nave, I would guess.) If you know of a site that the team could investigate, contact the Museum's Director, Simon Costin on  They are also inviting people to contact them if they have objects, posters, costumes of collections suitable for display in a museum of folklore.

Jonny Hannah who was responsible for creating the mueum's identity is hosting a one-man folklore-inspiried exhibition White Horses and Unguiet Graves in Ripon's Hornsey's Gallery on Kirkgate from 18th June - 18th July

To see samples of Jonny Hannah's distinctive prints and linocut go to

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