Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ripon Welcomes the Olympic Torch

19th June 2012
Photos by Dave Challoner

The Mayor and Councillors, the Dean and Chapter, the Horn Blower, members of the Army and the emergency services and many of the good folk of Ripon welcomed the Olympic torch into the city this afternoon. I understand it made a wonderful spectacle. Dave was there to take these photos. I was meanwhile dodging the ensuing traffic jams to be in Harrogate, at the Pavillions, where I was teaching a course on conflict (how to resolve it, not how to create it!) for the Clergy Leadership In Rural Churches programme. However, I did have the chance to see the torch while we were on holiday two weeks ago when it came through Machynlleth in mid Wales. In fact, I almost got to see it twice because we went up Snowdon the same day as the torch (though not at the same time!) Our thoughts are with everyone who is preparing for the Olymics - athletes, coaches, hosts, transport and emergency services and a lots of other people.

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