Saturday, 30 June 2012

New Thinking About Health Care

I gave up reading the church press in 1992 as a result of their coverage of various issues which seemed to me to highlight everything contentious. However, I think I just might be tempted back into readership of the Church Times following their launch, this week, of a new Health Supplement. The first issue looks at the impact of new reforms in the Health Service, examines health care chaplaincy and asks how the churches can more effectively work alongside those who have health problems. It's a promising start!

One of the things that the Mission Resourcing Team is looking at in this diocese, at present, is how to support churches better to keep in contact with and care for the very elderly and those suffering from dementia. So often, after committed membership of a particular church, an elderly person moves away and into a nursing home and is somehow lost sight of by the community of faith just at the point they are vulnerable to isolation and most need the friendship of a loving church family. I'm looking for people with a commitment to the elderly - whether this arises from interest, experience, expertise or a love of being with older people - to join an advisory group who will look at the provision being made for the elderly in our diocese in terms of visiting, worship, practical and spiritual support by churches. The brief of the group will be to and encourage and inform good care, enabling us to offer effective support and friendship to more people. If you would be interested in this, please contact me. The group will meet about every three months.

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