Wednesday, 30 November 2011

One Year On...

The end of November sees the first anniversary of this blog. I started blogging when we were confined to the house for two days by snow. It felt like the ideal moment to grasp the nettle and experiment a little. I've always enjoyed writing but seldom had time to indulge the interest or to write at any length. Blogging has turned out to be a very good compromise. Time spent on writing posts has to be regular and limited (it could spill over to fill hours of time) and the form itself helps by imposing a certain discipline. You need to keep posts concise and relevant. Never did I dream that a year later I would still be blogging and that I would be in touch with old friends and strangers from across the world as a result! There are now readers from every continent which is mind-blowing. I sometimes try to imagine what impact a post on churchyards in the dales or a political grumble about decreasing community services makes in China or South America! I also very much enjoy the contact with readers from this region and I'm especially pleased when people send in information about local issues and events they would like advertised or discussed. A very big thank you to all my followers, to those who read the blog irregularly and to everyone who comments by e mail, facebook or in person. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing tool for communication, one that transcends place, age group and national or social background!   

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