Monday, 31 October 2011

Drama at Kirkby Overblow

 Kirkby Overblow Dramatic Society is now an award winning organisation having walked away with four prizes from this year's Wharfedale Festival of Theatre Competition (where the competition is, indeed, keen.)

The cast are preparing to tread the boards again from December 1st - 3rd. This year’s production is now deep into rehearsals and Rumour has it that it is going to be a corker. The story goes like this… anniversary dinner descends into farce when its affluent guests arrive to discover that the staff have deserted, the hostess is missing and the host has been shot through the earlobe. All hope of dignity is abandoned in their frantic attempts to uncover the truth and prevent a scandal, with hilarious consequences.

The production begins with a ‘Charity Preview’ performance on Wednesday 30 November. Despite the fact that it is free you do still need a ticket for this. Perfomances continue on Thursday 1 December to Saturday 3 December. Tickets are on sale at the Shoulder Shop Kirkby Overblow.

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