Friday, 19 August 2011

The Faith of Girls

A friend recently drew my attention to this rather unique and recently published study of adolescent girls' spirituality and attitudes to faith. The Faith of Girls; Children's Spirituality and Transition to Adulthood looks at the experience of girls as they move from childhood to adulthood and is a must for anyone involved in youth work. Anne Phillips, the author, draws on psychology, sociology, gender studies and textual criticism of the many biblical stories of girls' lives, as well as on her own research into girls' experiences of God, church and growing up in contemporary society. It is a book about girls in transition, their developing identity and sense of self in relation to God. It will appeal to academics and practitioners, to those primarily interested in helping young people and to those primarily interested in theological or gender studies. It has been hailed as breaking new ground by critics.

An Oxford graduate in theology, Anne Phillips has been a secondary school teacher and, for 20 years, a Baptist minister. She is currently Co-Principal of the Northern Baptist College in Manchester.

The book is published by Ashgate Publishing, Abingdon. Sample sections of the book can be viewed at

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