Monday, 4 July 2011

New Deacons!

Congratulations to the seven new Deacons ordained at Ripon cathedral by John, Bishop of Ripon and Leeds on Sunday morning! We look forward to their ministry in parishes across the diocese. From this archdeaconry - Bernadette Hegarty at High Harrogate St Peter, Anthony Kirkby at Richmond St Mary's with Hudswell St Michael and All Angels and Downholme St Michael and Marske St Edmund,  and Lynn Thorius with the East Richmond Team Ministry.

For brief biographies of our new deacons go to

As the Revd Canon Jacqui Jones, preacher at the service and retreat conductor reminded us, they have a wealth of experience in many different walks of life which they are laying down in response to a call to serve in the church. They will surely use all that experience in new and different ways but it is a courageous thing to be willing to empty oneself of previous securities in order to minister. Jacqui prompted us to remember that the authentic marks of the church are joy and a share in Christ's sufferings.  

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  1. I wasn't very happy with the way Jacqui phrased that in her sermon - laying down their experience. It sounded like it will be dumped and they now know nothing. I much prefer your spin, but I'm not convinced that's what she said. We all bring a great deal into ordained ministry and clearly have a great deal to learn. it was a criticism in the past that new clergy were treated as though they brought nothing with them and she got rather close to saying that, which I think was unfortunate.