Saturday, 28 May 2011

Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre

Henshaws Arts and Crafts Centre and Cafe is always a good place to go for a cup of coffee or to meet a freind in Knaresborough. Henshaws is one of the oldest charities in England, supporting people with visual impairment and other disabilities. The Cafe at Knaresborough has just had an overhaul and has recently re-opened. There is always a warm welcome and an appetising range of dishes and you can wander round the gallery, shop and music centre. On the enterprise side, Henshaws has just won a commission to produce four trophies for the Social Enterprsie Yorkshire and Humber Awards as well as having been selected as the Yorkshire International Business Convention charity for 2011 in connection with the support they give the corporate sector in the region. 

As well as the cafe, art studio, jewellery and pottery production units there is a new Print Service which offers businesses a wide range of services including converting company literature, menus and signage into Braille. Churches may be interested to know that Henshaws Means Business offers professional consultancy and training in working with people with disabilities and complying with anti-discrimination laws. I always enjoy talking to the people you meet working in the various different locations on site.

Henshaws employs over 300 people around Knaresborough and Harrogate and the college has over 70 students taking a range of courses.

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Henshaws are currently inviting people to take part in the Great North Swim in Lake Windermere on 18th and 19th June to raise money for the charity, and they are challenging those with an entrepreneurial spirit to invest £500 as effectively as possible to provided a return over three months in aid of the charity.

To swim contact
Or to take part in the investment challenge, e mail

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