Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Steels and The Big Night Out

There was a great concert by the Steels (high energy Christian Rock at its best) at Summerbridge Methodist Church last Saturday

Hmm, you say. Really helpful to be told about it after it happened. Yea, sorry, folks! I was told about it before it happened and just never got round to blogging. Now I feel really terrible because no less than three people have told me how good it was, not to mention the worskshop in the afternoon. Rock has been one thing that floats my boat from the days when Led Zep used to give concerts at the King's Hall in Aberystwyth. Robert Plant had a cottage in the hills behind the town and us kids just couldn't believe our luck that this world class, cutting edge rock band could take time out to perform at the local flea pit. We lapped it up.

Anyhow, the Steels are definitely worth investigation.

So that I don't comit the same sin of ommission again, can I flag up a forth-coming event at Lightwater Valley  (nr. Ripon) in May? Organized by the dioceses in the region, it's for people aged 11+ and anyone upwards of totally young who comes with a young person. Saturday May 21st, gates open 5.45pm

For info and bookings

See you there?

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