Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Archers (2)

Does anyone feel, like me, that we have been rather misled over the impending tragedy which was going 'shake Ambridge to the core'? Nigel was a much loved character whom we will miss greatly but his untimely demise seems merely to follow in the stream of untimely deaths that occur every few years in the Archers - Grace, Polly, Mark, John, Sioban, Betty, Sid. Once again we are to be treated to a close up of a community in shock and mourning, a family facing the considerable challenge of keeping a business going and farms running at a time of personal crisis. Once again listening will become harrowing for some, catheractic for others and dispensable for others, depending on our mood and whether we have recently faced bereavement or crisis ourselves. We  may simply feel in need of more laughter, intrigue and cerebral challenge at the start of a new year. In the middle of the coldest winter for ages which is causing extra work and travel, heating and utilities difficulties, if we are sitting in a snowbound traffic jam on the A1, are we not going to feel more inclined to tune in to something a bit more cheerful or gripping?

I suppose that the Archers tends to try to reflect ordinary life whereas other soaps often  seem to over-dramatize life. However, is a steady diet of 'more of the same' really so true to life?  Once every sixty years doesn't seem too often for something really complex to shake the village or for a series of seemingly unrelated changes of fortune to impact on the whole community. But perhaps I am jumping the gun. Is the unfolding story line going to be about Kenton and David's guilt reaching competitive heights - or is there something more dramatic lurking? Will the police think that David pushed Nigel ? Will Elizabeth be inclined to blame someone?  

I think the nearest guess from my post on 24th December was Keith's suggestion that Nigel would die as a result of patricide. Well scented on the character front!  Graham Seed, we will miss you! I think Nigel was pretty much my age, so I grew up empathizing with many of his struggles from the days when he and Shula first dated.  

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