Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas At Marrick

Archery in the snow; Marrick Priory 2010
I'm very sad that the weather has meant that  Christmas at Marrick has had to be cancelled, today. I am sure I speak for lots of us when I say that I look forward to a postponed celebration in January (possibly with a new theme!)  Marrick Priory is always a wonderful place to visit - there's a warmth of welcome and a sense of happy purposefulness that cheers and refreshes you, whatever state of mind you arrive in! Marrick is an outdoor educational and residential centre aiming 'to provide a positive and enriching experience of countryside and community life in a Christian envirnoment that will be remembered for a life time.' In our risk averse culture, it provides adventure activities for schools, youth and adult groups and groups with special needs. People of all faiths and none are welcome. The membership of the Trust who run it is drawn from the local community and from the Diocese of Ripon and Leeds. A wonderful place for time away, whether to enjoy the outdoors or to hold a parish awayday or a meeting. As you can see, Robin Hood was at work there, teaching archery skills, just the other day!
Christmas greetings and good wishes to all the staff!

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