Thursday, 11 July 2013

With Great Gratitude!

I am not continuing to write on Archdeacon in the Dales, but I see that quite a few people still read it. Exceptionally, after the decision to create a new Diocese of Leeds (West Yorkshire and the Dales - not forgetting North Yorkshire and parts of Co Durham!) I'd like to send you all a brief message and this seemed the best medium - 

'Greetings! Following the General Synod's approval of the Dioceses Commission Scheme on Monday, I want to send my good wishes to everyone in the three dioceses as you come together. I am sure this will prove to be a move that opens up an exciting future with a good many possibilities for parishes, cathedrals and staff to work together to be effective in mission and service. I keep the three dioceses and everyone affected by the decision in my prayers. I also want to thank you for all the many, many kind messages you have sent over the past few weeks which Dave and I have greatly appreciated.  We have received so many it is taking some time to respond to them all, but we are grateful for friendship, love and prayers.'

Janet Henderson and Dave Challoner

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