Monday, 30 July 2012

Oswald's Outlook on Askrigg Antics

For those interested in local Dales news, or anyone planning to holiday in Wensleydale, there is an excellent and informative little website called Oswald's Outlook

Very well worth a visit! And many thanks to Christine Hallas, church warden at Askrigg, for drawing my attention to it.

Table Talk from the Oswaldsoutlook website
I have to admit that I discovered this as a result of a visit to St Oswald's church Askrigg where I was down to preach on 'Good Shepherd' Sunday.  I was quaking in my boots at the thought of preaching to the good folk of Wensleydale about shepherds! What could I possibly tell them that they didn't already know? And would my 'facts' be found wanting? Well, I needn't have worried - I asked them to tell me what they knew about shepherds and we pieced together a picture of what Jesus meant when He called Himself the 'Good Shepherd'. I had no idea that real shepherds can be strict disciplinarians with their sheep, throwing stones to keep them from wandering off on the wrong path, for example. How much more fun and more memorable to preach the  sermon to each other. (And it looks as though the Jubilee celebrations were good fun in Askrigg, too!)

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