Saturday, 21 July 2012

How Like An Angel at Ripon Cathedral

Bringing together Circa and I Fagiolini, two inspiring groups of artists in contemporary circus and vocal music. The third partner in the performance is the unique architecture and history of each cathedral where it is performed.

CIRCA originates in Brisbane, Australia, bringing us a daring new vision of circus, blending bodies, light, sound and artistry - this is the human body at its extremes of endurance, strength and versatility. 'Stunning., heart-stopping, unbearably beautiful.'

I FAGIOLINI is a group of vocal musicians rooted in the repertoire of the Renaissance and Baroque periods but also performing contemporary music. The sound moves around the building (as do the performers) and the quality of each individual voice and of the ensemble is arresting. Renaisssance polyphony at its stunning best in a building which lends itself to the form.
To hear a promotion for I Fagiolini's new show Tallis in Wonderland and to gain an insight into the aural quality of this performance go to

Circa Director Yaron Lifschitz
I Fagiolini Director Robert Hollingworth

Photos from Ripon Cathedral David M. Challoner

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