Sunday, 1 July 2012

Bioethics at the Cathedral

Photograph taken from Ripon and Leeds Diocesan website

Very much looking forward to the Rt Revd Dr Nazir-Ali's lecture on 'Bioethics and Respect for Human Persons'  in the St Wilfrid Lecture series at Ripon Cathedral on Thursday evening (7pm). I've been immensely interested in this whole area of bioethics and genetics ever since working at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge in the 1980's where the Medical Research Council labs were producing new techniques and possibilities in response to clincal situations faster than the ethicists could address the issues such techniques raised. The clinician's dilemma is different from that of the rest of society in that he or she is both under an obligation to do the best thing possible for an individual patient and under an obligation to wider society to deliver practices that are in accord with the health of society as a whole. And, of course 'society' does not tell you what it thinks with a united voice. It therefore becomes immensely important that scientists, clinicians and members of wider society do the work of thorough ethical discussion and decision making with some urgency and according to strict rules and transparent processes. An evening not to miss, I think! 

For more information including a brief biography of Dr Nazir-Ali, go to the Diocesan Website

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