Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Save Your Church Money

Did that get your attention?

The Church of England spends over £200million a year on operating costs - electricity, gas, oil, printing paper...the list is endless. Parishes usually struggle to find the best deal they can but we are all doing it separately. In these demanding financial times, the National Procurement Officer has done some work to find out just what parishes in the 42 dioceses are spending money on regularly and to facilitate some joined up negotiating for favourable deals from approved suppliers. The result? An online parish buying service which will be launched on 30th January 2012. It's so obvious we will all be asking, 'Why didn't we do this sooner?' Visit the site now and find out how your church can steward its resources more effectively. Make sure you tell your church treasurer!

Ordering through this site may save you time as well as money. The categories of product covered initially will be energy, office products, photocopying, IT soft ware and fire safety. There are also some helpful 'buying guidelines' if parishes would prefer to source things themselves, locally. A big thank you to Russell Stables, the National Procurement Officer, and his team.

And  you will see on the website, in 2012 there will be training sessions 
  • 20 Ways to Save your Parish Money
  • Cost Control Training for Parishes Embarking on Major Capital Projects.