Thursday, 21 July 2011

Farm Shops

One of the interesting stalls at the Great Yorkshire Show was run by the Farm Business Support and Development Project. Talking to people there, it is evident how much ingenuity and enterprise goes on behind the scenes and just how successful a simple idea can be if it is the right thing in the right place at the right time and if it is developed with passion and commitment. Over-complicating a business idea can, in fact, be its downfall.

Supporting local businesses and learning how they have been developed is an important part of life in rural areas where the weight of population makes new business enterprises especially difficult to sustain. We shop at farm shops in Kirkby Hill, Kirk Hammerton, Baldersby and Ripley and try to support small businesses where ever we come across them. This leads to a different way of shopping - you buy things that are in season, as and when you are in the area. This creates a much more relaxed attitude to acquiring what you need and means that you look forward, with anticipation, to the next occasion when you can get the walking socks or the tools or the ice cream or the cheese that you particularly enjoy! It also means that you have a greater variety of dishes as you have to be more flexible about using the ingredients that are available instead of just rushing to the supermarket to get what ever you need now.

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