Friday, 25 March 2011

Farm Crisis Network

Yesterday, I received a communication from the Executive Director of the Farm Crisis Network asking for support for their 300 volunteers whose caseload has doubled in the last in the last few months as they have tried to help farming families weather the crisis caused by the delay in the 2010 Single Farm Payment. This has led to extreme hardship for a number of families, tipping them into a situation where the business is seriously undermined by the unexpectedly delayed arrival of a critical part of their income. The organisation (a charity staffed mainly by volunteers) is finding itself stretched beyond its capacity and is asking for financial support to enable it to manitain its helpline and the visits volutneers make to families who are experiencing difficulties. To give some idea of the kind of thing for which support is needed - £5 pays for some exssential phone calls, £60 for petrol to enable a day's visits, £300 covers the average cost of a whole case and the organisation needs £1,000 a day to keep running. I have seen the difference FCN makes to people, both in helping to keep them on the road financially and avoid serious debt, and in terms of moral support at times when people have nowhere to turn and feel isolated and despairing.

It is unusual to receive such an urgent request to help an organisation working to support a group in our own communities. If you are interested in the work of FCN, for any reason, or would like to help or to bring this need to the notice of your church, go to the FCN webpage.

You can find further information or donate online at

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  1. Five churches have e mailed in to say that they are donating to Farm Crisis network and several already had! It would be great to think that a number of us in the archdeaconry might keep our eye on the FCN website and lend it our support.
    Thank you!